Pos.:2 – Sounds Like Real Life (CD Album – Echozone)

By Nov 28,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: I personally consider Thorsten Krüger and Matthias Grod as one of the most promising electro-pop formations in the past few years. After an astonishing debut album (cf. “Now”) and the cool second opus (cf. “Circuits”) it took three years to the German formation to achieve this new work.

Content: The global sound production and influences haven’t really changed. Pos.:2 stands for ‘classical’ electro-pop music evoking some good-old souvenirs. The melodic- and danceable side of the work vaguely reminds me of Second Decay, which I still consider as a reference in the genre. The songs have been masterfully achieved. The previous album was missing some potential hits while the new work reveals a few great songs. “Electropop” is one of them, which clearly sounds as a reworked version from their early ‘hit’ “Only Electropop”. The main part of the vocals is in German, but you’ll also notice a few English passages.

+ + + : This album brings a perfect twist between danceable- and classical  electro-pop. The songs have been masterfully crafted and especially the melodic passages will catch the attention. This is an aspect reminding me a bit to Second Decay. This is synth-pop music that will appeal to lovers of German electro-pop from the 90s.

– – – : Pos.:2 doesn’t really innovate, but do they really have to? The result is a deeply entertaining electro-pop work.

Conclusion: This new opus was worth the wait and again confirms the talent of this duo. They definitely deserve a bit more recognition!

Best songs: “Kein Weg”, “Alleine”, “Electropop”, “Gib Mir Noch Zeit”, “Illusions Of Love”.

Rate: (8½).

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