Polygon – Sein Lernen Remixes (Digital Album – Aliens Production)

By Jan 31,2016

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Genre/Influences: IDM, electro-ambient, glitch.

PolygonBackground/Info: Ingo Lindmeier earned some fame during the 90s as a member of the dark-electro and sophisticated sounding Mortal Constraint. He got involved into different projects and Polygon has been his newest creative exposure. He released the excellent “Sein Lernen”-album by Aliens Production. This album features 15 tracks (3 more than the CD-format).

Content: This album features some interesting names, which all are renowned for their sophisticated and intelligent approach in electronic music as well. Polygon invited names like Flint Glass, Ab Ovo, Huron, Normotone, Headdreamer and a few less familiar names like RecFrag and Klangarchies while this digital edition also features label mates Ish, Headdreamer plus LPF 12. I also have to mention 3 remixes made by Polygon.

There’s an interesting twist of influences running through this work, with all the remixers trying to inject their own touch to the original songs. I was impressed by the bombast and reverie of RecFrag and the complexity of Huron.

Other attention grabbers were accomplished by Flint Glass and LPF 12. I expected a bit more out of the Polygon remixes although I’ve to mention a great and improved version of “Der Träumer”.

The sound universe of the original songs remains pretty faithful, and definitely diverse. The songs remain minimalism, bombast, reverie, but most of all into beautiful sound manipulations.

↑↑↑: I especially like the selection of bands for this remix concept I especially like the selection of bands for this remix concept while it’s also cool to get remixes from Polygon as well.

↓↓↓ : I can’t say that this album is really adding a bonus to the original album, which remains the one to discover first! It would have been cool to get one or two ‘new’ songs on it.

Conclusion: If you enjoyed the original full length “Sein Lernen” you for sure will appreciate this “Remixes”-version.

Best songs: “Kalter Fleck – Huron”, “Tag Ohne Gestern – RecFrag”, “Tag Ohne Gestern- LPF12”.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.

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