Ø [Phase] – Alone In Time (CD Album – Token)

By Jan 30,2016

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-techno, dark-techno.

Ø [Phase]Background/Info: Ashley Burchett is a London based producer who’s active under the Ø [Phase] moniker. This producer has released an impressive number of EP’s, but also accomplishes full length releases from time to time. “Alone In Time” is the 2nd album released by his home label Token Records.

Content: This work is not exactly what we could call common techno music. It’s a rather dark and minimal exposure of an artist who clearly tries to take the audience by surprise. Ø [Phase] reveals a rather underground-side of techno music, which will definitely appeal to lovers of electro-underground music globally speaking.

The minimalism is accentuated by little bleeps and some elements of EBM. You now and then will notice a dark string hanging over the tracks. It’s a rather mysterious exposure of techno and that’s precisely what makes the sound fascinating. The last part of the work is pretty obscure and leads the listener into an intriguing and somewhat chilling fascinating schizophrenic trip.

I also have to mention a somewhat more electro-clash minded song, which reveals the open-minded spectrum of this artist.

↑↑↑: The dark mood emerging from the songs is intriguing, but I was mainly impressed by the global minimalism.

↓↓↓ : No doubt about it, this is not exactly the kind of techno music that will appeal to a wider audience. It’s maybe too underground for the standard techno-lover.

Conclusion: Ø [Phase] is an interesting artist in the selected fields of experimental- and minimal techno music. This is an album that will please lovers of intelligent electronics as well.

Best songs: “Astryx”, “R-Mash”, “Increment”, “Orbitron”, “Mo-del”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.


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