Phenotract – It’s All We Feel Every Day (Digital Album – Phenotract)

By May 4,2017

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Genre/Influences: Ambient-pop, cinematographic.

Background/Info: This is the fourth full length released by Eric Shans. Phenotract does not release new work on regular basis, but it’s a band I kept in mind for its evasive approach in electronic music.

Content: The new work reveals a new evasive exploration of electronic sound fields. It sounds pretty ambient-like, but driven by sensual, trip-hop rhythms while other passages clearly sound into pure soundtrack style. Some of the songs also feature somewhat psychedelic guitar sounds and astral sweeps.

Eric Shans is used to working with female guest singers and that’s again a part of this work while you also will hear sweet male vocals as well. There are also a few instrumental songs, which matches with the cinematographic format.

+ + + : Phenotract definitely stands for a unique vision and composition, mixing different influences with each other. It’s not exactly ambient work or pop music. The cinematographic label is probably fitting the best with the content. And I can assure you this work reveals a few noticeable cuts ion, which you simply can close your eyes, relax and dream away. The ‘film’-like orientation of “It’s All We Feel Every Day” became more explicit than what I’ve heard before.

– – – : The songs are sweet and smooth, but I’m missing some passion. This album has to be discovered in the right circumstances and a visual accompaniment would be a bonus.

Conclusion: It always is a pleasure to discover the work of Phenotract and that’s why I’m keeping this band in mind, but I have to say this is not the album I would recommend to discover the band with first.

Best songs: “Leap From The Top”, “We Went Wrong”.

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