Filth Pig – Youthful Nihilism (Digital Album – Filth Pig)

By May 4,2017

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-metal, crossover.

Background/Info: Filth Pig is a German solo-project dealing with industrial-metal. The name of the band sounds clearly taken from the famous Ministry-album (1995). “Youthful Nihilism” is the debut album of Filth Pig.

Content: The music is driven by the cadence of speed train joined by aggressive guitar riffs. The electronic sequences are more in the background although adding an industrial touch to the work. The vocal parts are sung in a possessed and enraged way, but sound more into metal music. You’ll also notice numerous samplings running through the songs.

The influence of Ministry is clearly running throughout “Youthful Nihilism”, but it’s more metal-orientated.

+ + + : “Youthful Nihilism” is what I should call a good-old crossover work featuring solid guitar parts and  merciless rhythms. It will appeal for metal-music addicts and fans of Ministry and co will probably get some pleasure listening to Filth Pig (cool and dirty band name by the way). If you like hard metal-minded guitar play carried by speed rhythms this album is something for you.

– – – : Despite of a possible link with Ministry, Filth Pig still has a lot of stages to improve. The production is linear and predictable and has to be globally improved. Time and growing experience both are the best allies to get more consistency.

Conclusion: “Youthful Nihilism” is a debut work featuring good-old crossover ideas, but that still has to gain in maturity and production skills.

Best songs: “Transferences Of Death Drive, Bloodlust And Deprivation”, “Of An Anencephalic Accident In 1999”.

Rate: (6).



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