Roman Leykam – The Eternal Cycle (CD Album – Frank Mark Arts)

By May 5,2017

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, abstract music, ambient.

Background/Info: Roman Leykam is one of the most familiar artists from the Frank Mark Arts label. This record company rather sounds as a little, but solid family assembling a few artists. Roman Leykam is a kind of veteran, which already strikes back with a new solo-work.

Content: The songs have been composed with electric guitars and guitar synthesizer. The composition is driven by a constant experimental fluid, which rapidly becomes pretty abstract. The creation and manipulation of sounds and noises clearly appears more important than the composition of a real ‘traditional’ song format.

“The Eternal Cycle” sounds sometimes dark, but also atmospheric and cinematographic. I also noticed a few cuts driven by a slow cadence.

+ + + : The opening cut of this work sounds pretty refreshing and even a bit more accessible. It’s the kind of sound direction I prefer, but which remains rather an exception in the work of this musician. Roman Leykam is not composing songs, but he rather appears to be a sound architect. Some of his cuts became more accessible and I can imagine his work to be used as soundtrack. He definitely remains a master in abstract- and experimental music.

– – – : The work of this artist clearly appeals for a very restricted audience. It’s not that accessible and the heavy experimental side sometimes is hard to endure. “The Eternal Cycle” sometimes sounds as an antidote to established music standards.

Conclusion: “The Eternal Cycle” is the offspring between multiple genres, but the basis of the work clearly remains the further exploration of new noises created by guitars and guitar synthesizers.

Best songs: “Breathing Pictures”, “Switch”, “Second Sight”, “Lightness”.

Rate: (7).



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