Phasenmensch – Haunted / The Gentle Indifference Of The World (CD Album – Hands)

By Oct 8,2019

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Genre/Influences: IDM, industrial, industrial-*techno, rhythmic-ambient. 

Background/Info: “Haunted” marks the tenth anniversary of the Dortmunder (Germany) based Phasenmensch. Wolfram Bange was inspired by his ‘personal demons, anxieties and hopes that determine the individual’s state of being’. 

Content: This work is not a ‘best of’, but a work revealing 12 new songs. Phasenmensch likes to work with guest artists and at this album Bange invited Ein Profil (for 2 songs) and Ine-San to join in. This opus is definitely the most versatile work from Phasenmensch. Most of the tracks are driven by IDM and industrial music, but you also will notice songs carried by jungle-like rhythms, a dubby element emerging at “Mind Tensions”, dark-techno passages and even a song with guitar playing (or guitar samplings); 

+ + + : This opus is an eclectic production on, which the artists reveals to feel comfortable experimenting with different music styles. One of the most surprising song –because of the guitar parts, is “Unscheduled Wandering” featuring Ein Profil. This song is a beautiful composition mixing reverie and slow rhythmic. But I also like the intelligent and dark-techno format emerging at “Erase The Accumulated Past” and “A Black Sky”. Another fascinating piece is the dubby-minded “Mind Tensions”. The industrial lovers will for enjoy “A State Beyond Time”. 

– – – : I regret some songs are maybe a little bit too short and could have been more elaborated or extended. 

Conclusion: Phasenmensch has unleashed an album that might serve as a basis to experience with new influences. This work stands for intelligence and accomplishment!

Best songs: “Unscheduled Wandering” featuring Ein Profil”, “A State Beyond Time”, “A Black Sky (With No Stars)”, “Transzendenz”, “The Process Of Becoming”, “Mind Tensions”.

Rate: (8).

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