Phase Fatale – Redeemer (CD Album – Hospital Productions)

By Dec 19,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-techno, EBM, industrial.

Background/Info: Born in the USA, but based in Berlin, Hayden Payne is a DJ and producer. Payne setup Phase Fatale in 2014 and released multiple EP’s. “Redeemer” is the first full length album available on vinyl- and CD format.

Content: The composition is pretty diversified, taking off a rather experimental way, but rapidly evolving towards a mix of EBM, industrial and dark-techno loops. Whispering vocals are now and then injecting a spooky touch reinforcing the dark approach.

+ + + : “Redeemer” is a fascinating release for bringing different genres together, but still for the dark sphere running through the work. You clearly can hear this artist takes particularly care to create styled sound treatments. The structure of the tracks is elaborated and often moving towards an apotheosis. “Beast” is a terrific piece illustrating the great writing skills of this producer. I also have to mention “Order Of Severity”, which sounds more industrial-like.

– – – : There are no real negative points about this production. I just hope Phase Fatale will get the opportunity to reach a wider audience and not only techno lovers. “Redeemer” is so much more than ‘techno’ and will definitely appeal for lovers of industrial- and electronic body music.

Conclusion: Phase Fatale stands for creative dark and danceable music, which sounds as a sonic bridge between different genres. This is a great work!

Best songs: “Order Of Severity”, “Beast”, “Human Shiled”, “Operate Within”.

Rate: (8½).

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