Peter Bjärgö – Animus Retinentia (CD Album – Cyclic Law)

By Apr 9,2017

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, neo-classic, neo-folk.

Background/Info: Peter Bjärgö will always and instantly linked with formations like Arcana, Sophia and Karjalan Sissit to name a few. But he also started a solo-work under his own name. “Animus Retinentia” marks the return of Peter Bjärgö after a hiatus of 6 years.

Content: “Animus Retinentia” just like the previous releases is an intimate reflection of the musician. He seems to explore or create a dreamy universe, which is mainly composed by the simple magic of guitar and piano. We’re moving throughout an imaginary universe filled with deep, melancholic emotions and other intriguing atmospheres.

The work features a few instrumental cuts accentuated the soundtrack impression, but other cuts have vocals.

+ + + : I’ve always experienced the work under his own name as more personal and definitely intimate exposure of Peter Bjärgö. This new opus excels in this approach and could be a remarkable soundtrack for a dark movie. I like the switch between pure reverie passages and darker cuts. There also is a nice progression running through this work revealing the darkest pieces at the final part. “Memories II” and “Sleep Dep.Loop2” both are little masterpieces reaching an ultimate climax. Sadness becomes a beautiful exploration of hidden visions.

– – – : The first part of the work is fully enjoyable, but can’t fully satisfy all my expectations. There’s no climax, which luckily and progressively appears during the final part.

Conclusion: “Animus Retinentia” brings different influences and emotions together. This album confirms the great writing skills of Peter Bjärgö who probably has accomplished one of his most soundtrack-wise productions so far.

Best songs: “Memories II”, “Sleep Dep.Loop2”, “Memories”, “To replace My Sadness”.

Rate: (7½).


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