Outpost 11 – Transition (Album – Advoxya Records)

By Apr 29,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Outpost 11 is the sonic brainchild of Moscow (Russia) based solo-artist Rodion Skityaev. On his debut album “Resonate” (2018) he added a fresh breeze to the Advoxya roster.  This new opus was released during the last days of 2019.                                        

Content: After a remarkable debut opus “Transition” again brings a refreshing touch to the dark-electro minded Advoxya Records. The album even has something versatile although mainly driven by an intelligent- and sophisticated EBM format. Some songs have been polished with a poppy touch while others have been mixed with astral lead and atmospheres. I also noticed songs with harder, industrial sound treatments and the most ‘complex’ structures even reveal elements of IDM. Most of the tracks bring retro-EBM elements to life, which sounds in the vein of the debut album. “Transition” features 12 songs plus 2 remixes by Asdean and Larva.

+ + + : If EBM appears to be this project’s main source of inspiration, the band still reveals its very own approach in the genre. It’s not just EBM, but retro-body-music elements merged with multiple other elements. Some songs are danceable while others have something dreamy-like. Some cuts are a little bit harder and rough sounding while others are accomplished with subtle arrangements. I however prefer the more danceable driven cuts at the last part of the work. “Rotten” and “Split” both are noticeable songs, but I also have to mention “Half-Life” for its global sound intelligence and IDM reference.

– – – : I can imagine some EBM purists will not find total satisfaction listening to Outpost 11. The project has something complex and appears to be a sonic challenge!

Conclusion: “Transition” might be seen as a prophetic title; the sound still has something retro-EBM like, but facing the future and some modernism!

Best songs: “Half-Life”, “Rotten”, “Split”, “Dopamine”, “Ready? Set! War!!!”, “Action”, “In The Woods”.

Rate: (8½).


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