Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Ménage A Quatre (CD EP – Out Of Line)

By Sep 2,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-pop, neo-folk.

Background/Info: “Ménage A Quatre” has been announced as an appetizer for the new full length album “Let’s Play”, which is meant to be released in September. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio delivers four songs,  which next to the CD version are also available on vinyl.

Content: Tomas Pettersson and his acolytes are once again moving into sensual controversy, which remains a kind of muse for the music of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. The work reflects this taste of sensuality by the charismatic, commanding vocals of Pettersson, but also in the global song writing. The songs are mixing bombast with refinement, ritual passages with neo-folk arrangements, elevating choruses and slow, danceable rhythms.

+ + + : Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is a band that has never stopped to reach a higher artistic degree. It’s not that different for this new EP. The songs are meticulously crafted, mixing opposites and excelling in great choruses. It’s the kind of music where sensuality and heavenly melancholia become one! It’s a fusion between different elements and in the end it’s hard to define the real style, but it’s filled with elegance, mystery and a bit of angst. The choruses and especially these from the opening track “Ménage À Trois – There Is Nothing To Regret (There Is No One To Resent, We Hate You All)” have a hypnotic effect. It really sounds like taking you away in a forbidden world of lust and sins. There’s something to say about the four songs and that’s really interesting as only the opening cut will be featured at the next album. So this is much more than a teaser to announce the album, but simply a must have! Notice by the way the last song previously appeared at the festival compilation “Ashes Ov Angels”.

– – – : This EP confirms the artistic writing skills of the band and I don’t see any single minus point here except I can’t wait to discover the full length, which took seven years to be accomplished!

Conclusion: This is an EP with attitude and not an easy, cheap release featuring a title track and endless remixes by other artists. This is Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio!

Best songs: “Ménage À Trois – There Is Nothing To Regret (There Is No One To Resent, We Hate You All)”, “4 All Our Scissor Sisters (And Brothers In Arms)”, “Believe In Me (We Are One) / (Do You Believe In Carnage Too?)”.

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