Obszön Geschöpf – The Vault Of Nightmares (CD Album – Cemetry Records)

By Jan 18,2016

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Genre/Influences: Body-metal music.

Obszön GeschöpfBackground/Info: This album is part of a 4-CD-box featuring their debut album “Day Of Suffering” plus a kind of ‘best of’-CD, plus a remix-CD and the new opus “The Vault Of Nightmares”. This box is meant to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the French project set up by Remzi Kelleci which all started back in the year 2000. This box has already been released a few months ago now.

Content: After the self-released debut-album “The Vault Of Nightmares” Obszön Geschöpf released 6 official albums on different labels. The 7th opus probably is the most surprising one! The sound evolves towards a more explicit electro and EBM orientation, which mainly comes through on the sequences and some of the bass lines. The electronic parts are quite well-crafted and efficient.

The harder industrial-metal element, which has made the particularity of this band, is somewhat more in the background. Except a few harder and ‘typical’ Obszön Geschöpf songs, we get a weird melting pot of different ideas. It all sounds a bit like Remzi Kelleci had to exorcize some ideas in sounds that he had not explored before. I’m here referring to a somewhat punk-minded track (cf. “Don’t Cut Through The Cemetery”) and the totally unexpected cover version of “Obsession” (originally written by Animotion) revealing a cool industrial-pop format featuring female backing vocals and even a cabaret-like song.

The harsh and spooky vocals by Kelleci remain one of the most particular elements of this work.

+ + + : The electronic treatments are well-crafted and I especially refer to the excellent “Rue Morgue Creature”. The menacing guitar parts add power on some songs resulting in the real sound of this band.

– – – : On most of the songs I’m missing cohesion between the electronic parts and the guitar. Most of the songs also suffer from a lack of apotheosis; the familiar power of the band doesn’t really emerge at the surface;

Conclusion: The new album sounds a bit unaccomplished. Obszön Geschöpf has previously brought us power and aggression while “The Vault Of Nightmares” sounds too flat. It however remains an interesting band with a fascinating discography.

Best songs: “Rue Morgue Creature”, “Plan 9 From Outer Sex”, “Obsession”.

Rate: (DP:6)DP.



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