Ô Paradis – Eon 1999 – 2015 (DCD Album – Wrotycz Records)

By Oct 30,2016

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Genre/Influences: Neo-folk, ballad, chanson, rock-folk, psychdelic.

Ô PARADISBackground/Info: Set up in the late 90s by Demian Recio, Ô Paradis has released an impressive number of records during the past several years. Hailing from Barcelona (Spain) Demian Recio also collaborated with numerous artists. It was maybe time for a kind of ‘best of’, which also is an opportunity to look back to this band’s career and discography. “Eon 1999 – 2015” features 40 songs.

Content: Ô Paradis has been always linked to neo-folk, which for sure remains one of the main sources of inspiration and a kind of basis in the writing of the songs. But it’s definitely more than ‘folk’-related music. Some parts are reminding me of soundtrack compositions. There also is a real strong ‘chanson’ touch, which sometimes even reminds me of Nick Cave. From chanson into ballad is not that far and that’s another source of inspiration running through the catalogue of Ô Paradis.

The guitar is one of the main instruments, which accentuates the folk and chanson approach. Other passages move into refined and somewhat neo-classic style. Some songs sound sad and desperate while others are more like symbolizing reverie and other evasive feelings. It even becomes a bit psychedelic-like on some passages.

The main characteristic next to the Spanish neo-folk touch remains the Spanish vocals, which makes it sound  ethnic-like.

+ + + : I like the diversity of this album, which clearly reveals for all of those who aren’t not that familiar with Ô Paradis that there’s a lot to experience and discover in the work of this artist. It’s not the usual kind of neo-folk music, but just the platform for a wider and accomplished music. I have a little preference for the more chanson-like orientation.

– – – : I never have been that fond of the Spanish vocals, which remains one of the essential elements in the work of Ô Paradis.

Conclusion: “Eon 1999 – 2015” is a beautiful album, which will appeal for a wider audience than only the fans of Demian Recio.

Best songs: “Mirame”, “De Lejos”, “Mi Sombra”, “Lombrices De Tierra”, “Serpiente”, “Ukrainia”, “Planetas”, “Mientras Respiras”.

Rate: (7½).


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