Nothing But Noise – Formations Magnétiques Et Phénomènes D’incertitude (DCD Album – db2fluctuation)

By Jun 15,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electro-ambient.

Background/Info: Old Front 242 mates Daniel B. (Prothese) and Dirk Bergen are back on track unleashing this work with eight new songs.

Content: Nothing But Noise hasn’t really changed their familiar sound formula, which is driven by passion for electronics, astral atmospheres leading towards pure ambient experimentation and a feeling of improvisation. This album gets us back to some early electronic experiments and even the Berliner Krautrock school, which is an influence that comes mainly back on the release of Prothese. The tracks are progressively built up, sometimes resulting in endless cuts. There also is a song featuring ghost-like spoken vocals.

+ + + : Experimental music isn’t always the most accessible music format, but Nothing But Noise always has something fascinating to offer. It’s a high-tech sound production (should we expect something other from Daniel B?), which will mainly appeal for lovers of early synthesizer music. “Curved Attraction” even reminds me a bit of Van Gelis, but globally speaking the work remains touched by the magical hand –and especially bass lines, of Daniel B. I especially recommend the song “Methode Obscure”.

– – – : Nothing But Noise became a real prolific project and they have to take care not to abuse releasing new albums in a rather short lapse of time.

Conclusion: “Formations Magnétiques Et Phénomènes D’incertitude” is a new sonic walk among the stars and distant music galaxies. It’s not the best work I’ve heard from Nothing But Noise, but it remains a fascinating experiment.

Best songs: “Methode Obscure”, “Curved Attraction”, “Beton BB84”, “Dust To Nebula <> Self Replicating Forevers”.

Rate: (7).

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