Non-Bio – The Death Chillout Sessions (CD Album – Non-Bio)

By Sep 18,2016

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electronic, industrial, ambient.

Non-Bio – The Death Chillout SessionsBackground/Info: I refer to the background info I found on the “Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra”-release. Howard Gardner released 2 new albums, which seems to prove the artist has a lot of sonic ideas to exorcize. This album features 11 songs.

Content: “Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra” is a pretty versatile work, but this album is moving even deeper into sound exploration and the addition of influences. Non-Bio sounds like it is creating songs in an imaginary sonic laboratory. Multiple influences have been exposed to the sonic skills of Non-Bio.

The result is somewhat vintage-like and mainly characterized by brilliant sound treatments and effects, sometimes joined by some samplings. You now can hear delicate crystalline sound treatments and then alien-like atmospheres. Analog sweeps can be noticed as well. Other parts reveal possible field recordings or just experimental noise samples. A very few vocal parts (featuring Emma Dark) can be heard as well, but the main approach remains into sound creation and experimentalism.

+ + + : More than “Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra”, this album reveals a truly fascination for sound experimentalism and creation. Non-Bio sounds complex although accessible. I especially like the great vintage exposure and multiple sound treatments. This album covers several genres although the result is more compact than the ‘sister-album’.

– – – : Most of the tracks are rather short in duration and that’s a pity especially when it concerns a great cut. It might give an unaccomplished perception from the work or just a kind of demo from the Non-Bio sound arsenal.

Conclusion: I’m missing a few little details to tip Non-Bio as a band you really have to discover. It however remains a refreshing and original composition.

Best songs: “Haemophobia feat. Emma Dark”, “Bone Circuit”, “Witches Milk”, “Seer”.

Rate: (7½).




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