Non-Bio – Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra (CD Album – Non-Bio)

By Sep 18,2016

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electronics, industrial, experimental.

Non-Bio – Alpha Micro Revival 8000 UltraBackground/Info: Non-Bio is a project operating from London and driven by the creative mind of Howard Gardner. I already got the opportunity to discover previous work of Non-Bio, which I remember as a real creative electronic output. This new work features 9 new songs.

Content: “Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra“ sounds rather diversified, mixing elements of pure industrial music together with experimental passages. Other songs are more into electronic minimalism while the heaviest cuts are getting pretty close to power-noise.

Non-Bio has accomplished a kind of schizophrenic work, which is visiting and revisiting the aforementioned influences. The common element between all the sources of inspiration appears to be a real fascination for sound creation, which I already experienced on previous work.

+ + + : It’s all about personal taste, but the best cuts in my opinion are the minimal-electro driven ones. It’s fascinating approach revealing great sound treatments while supported with some tormented atmosphere.

– – – : The versatile aspect of the work makes it sound less compact. You sometimes get the impression listening to a compilation instead of an album by one and the same artist.

Conclusion: Non-Bio re-confirms its potential and wide spectrum of influences. This is a band to keep an eye on, but which maybe has to develop one explicit style instead of experimenting with multiple influences.

Best songs: “Catalogue Of Errors”, “No-One”, “Disco Cannibal”.

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