NNHMN – Church Of No Religion (Album – Zoharum)

By Mar 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-trance, experimental, electronic.

Format: Digital, CD,  Cassette.

Background/Info: Lee & Laudarg is a German duo who set up NNHMN (NoNHuMaN). “Church Of No Religion” is the band’s debut album dealing with ‘the collection of purgatory poems and lamentations’. Notice by the way there also is a cassette format of the album available by K-Dreams Records.

Content: The music this band is dealing with is something really apart. It sounds like finding its sources in industrial music, but I also have to mention trance and minimal-electronics. The particularity of the work consists of the enigmatic female chants, injecting an ethereal- and mysterious effect on top of the work. Sometimes evasive, but often haunting, the album alternates songs of dark reverie together with ‘harder’ passages, which are more into trance and even some tribal elements.

+ + + : The album resulted from a brilliant and successful osmosis between music and vocals. Electronic sequences and rhythms are mixing different music genres, creating an accessible experimental/industrial electro style with great chants on top. It’s an original exposure coming from a duo, which has something innovative and I even dare to affirm visionary-like. NNHMN feels comfortable composing softer, evasive cuts at one side and ‘harder’ transcendental pieces at the other side. Behind the intriguing aspect of the work also hides a sensual touch.

– – – : The tracks have something predictable after a while, but I’m not complaining when listening to such a creative sound formula.

Conclusion: This work has something visionary, like merging different influences together to obtain a terrific result. This is a project you really have to discover!

Best songs: “Kedar”, “Haxan”, “Mothership”, “Shulamit Woman”, “Army Of Mary”.

Rate: (8½).


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