Neraterrae – The Substance Of Perception (CD Album – Cyclic Law)

By May 9,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Background/Info: Neraterrae is an Italian project set up by Alessio Antoni. The debut album “The Substance Of Perception” is a special one as it features collaborations with Northaunt, Alexei Tegin (Phurpa), New Risen Throne & Treha Sektori, Infinexhuma & Taphephobia, Treha Sektori & Xerxes The Dark, Угасание and Flowers For Bodysnatchers. Each song features one or more artists.

Content: The songs are clearly driven by dark-ambient atmospheres, but also with other elements such as experimental sound treatments, field recordings and neo-classic arrangements. The guest artists clearly inject their own touch to the work, which is sometimes easily recognizable.

+ + + : For a debut album Neraterrae has accomplished a real tour de force.Getting such an impressive list of recognized artists in the genre contributing to your album is for sure something really special. It will catch the attention of numerous dark-ambient fans. Content-wise I noticed a few cool songs such as “Becoming The Nightmare” featuring  New Risen Throne & Treha Sektori. There’s an oppressive atmosphere hanging over the track while the sound treatments reinforce the obscure side of the track. Other noticeable cuts are “Beyond” featuring Угасание and “Echoing stars” featuring Flowers For Bodysnatchers. On the last mentioned song you’ll easily recognize the typical piano-arrangements, which became a trademark of Flowers For Bodysnatchers. 

– – – : I’m missing some cohesion between some of the tracks, which sometimes gives me the impression listening to a compilation. Some songs/collaborations left me rather skeptical for missing a truly apotheosis.

Conclusion: The collaborative concept behind this album is just great, but I expected a bit more out of the final result.

Best songs: “Beyond”, “Becoming The Nightmare”, “Echoing Stars”.

Rate: (6½).


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