MDD – Reverse The Contrast (CD Album – Hands)

By May 6,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno, power-noise.

Background/Info: MDD is one of the newest signings on Hands and has been introduced as one of the hottest industrial-techno projects from the moment. Based in Toronto (Canada) MDD is driven by techno producers Fahad Ahmad aka ‘Measure Divide’ and Martin Dolgener. “Reverse The Contrast” is their first full length featuring 11 tracks.

Content: After the intro cut MDD reveals a harsh, powerful and rough kind of power-noise mixed with a few spoken samplings. Quite progressively the unpolished composition moves towards an industrial-techno sound. Bombastic, danceable rhythms will lead you into frenetic dance moves. The electronic layers are dark and  minimal-like. MDD likes to incorporate spoken samplings and even a female vocalist (cf. “Submission”).

+ + + : MDD empowers the sonic bridge between industrial- and techno music. This music is clearly meant to get people dancing and I like some of the transcendental passages running through the work. But it first of all is a merciless sonic assault, which however reveals minimalism- and intelligence in the writing. I also noticed a few cool down-tempo cuts (cf. “Breath”, “Still Frame”) and here again the duo feels comfortable creating great music.

– – – : I can’t say that both debut tracks are hesitant, but they don’t really show the essence of MDD’s sound, which is clearly driven by industrial-techno music… and that’s for sure what this project do the best!

Conclusion: MDD stands for energy and dark dance vibes; no doubt about it “Reverse The Contrast” will have a serious impact on dancefloors!

Best songs: “Valium”, “Grind”, “Submission feat. Aadja”, “Transition Pull”, “Still fRame”, “Crushed”.

Rate: (8).


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