Navigator Project – Follow The Light (Album – ScentAir Records)

By Nov 13,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, Body-Pop, Electro-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: We here welcome the Italian project Navigator Project. Based in Naples, the band was set up by Amir Sabljaković and joined by two more members. “Follow The Light” is the band’s official debut album.  

Content: The work has something versatile; you get the impression that every single song has something unique and therefore not necessarily connected with the other songs. It however sounds like EBM and Electro-Pop elements are the main basis of the work, a bit like the red threat through the album. After a kind of intro song we next get a somewhat Cold-Wave driven piece featuring guitar. But quite progressively the main influences are coming through. Some passages are darker and even getting back to Cold-Wave while others are more melodic featuring female backing vocals.

+ + + : You can hear this is a debut album; it’s all about the diversity. You hear that the band still has to find a true direction in sound. Their most promising side however appears to be Electronic orientated songs. I like the Body-Pop touch running through “In The Spiral”, but also the darker “Shadows”. The title song also is the last one from the album and it definitely feels like an earworm. There’s a nice melody and a perfect balance between male- and female vocals. In the end I would say there’s an interesting twist between different influences revealing well-crafted songs.

– – – : The album only features 9 songs for 37 minutes of music. I would like to hear more stuff from this band, but I sincerely hope they’ll mainly focus on one style. 

Conclusion: Navigator Project is a cool discovery I can only recommend, but especially if you’re an open-minded Electro-Pop lover.

Best songs: “In The Spiral”, “Shadows”, “Cemetery Of Despair”, “Follow The Light”.

Rate: (8).


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