My Love Kills – Glitch (CD Album – ScentAir Records)

By Sep 19,2019

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Genre/Influences: EBM, body-pop.

Background/Info: The debut-album “Glitch” resulted from the common efforts between V.V. Arkames (Ad Inferna) and Fredrik Sigeback (Erotic Elk). While French formation Ad Inferna deals with a harder, electro-industrial sound, Swedish band Erotic Elk is known for their electro-pop sound. The album was preceded by the EP “Love Is Suffering”.

Content: I can imagine “Glitch” will be an introduction for many music lovers to the sonic universe of My Love Kills. The sound rapidly appears to be a melting pot between influences moving from EBM to electro-pop to darker and more sophisticated parts reminding me of the 90s sound of Paracont. The vocals are now spooky and wafting and then harsh and distorted. The global production of songs and vocals is clearly characterized by some versatility. Notice by the way that Tomas Gustafsson (still involved with Erotic Elk) played some guest guitar parts on 2 songs and he did backing vocals on one song as well.

+ + + : I especially like the 90s EBM approach emerging from songs such as “My Last Words”, “Exil” and “2 As 1”. I here discovered a more elaborated and intelligent electro format. But “Glitch” has much more to offer and that’s why I also refer to songs as “Alone” and “Just for One Kiss”, which next to their EBM touch also has something pop on top. I’m also in for the passages featuring sensual vocals.

– – – : I’m rather convinced by this debut work although I sometimes get the impression My Love Kills is still in search of a proper music style. The title song from their EP (cf. “Love Is Suffering”) is a song that couldn’t convince me.

Conclusion: My Love Kills has released an album featuring several noticeable songs, but still has to grow finding their real style. I can only encourage them to keep at it!

Best songs: “My Last Words”, “Alone”, “Exil”, “2 As 1”, Love Undone”.

Rate: (7).


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