Millions Of Dead Tourists – Helicoide (CD Album – 1000+1TiLt)

By Sep 19,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electronics, industrial.

Background/Info: Millions Of Dead Tourists is a Greek formation, which has released their second album. “Helicoide” only features four tracks.

Content: The songs have been progressively built up, which partly explains why the songs are all going over 7/8 minutes. The tracks are bringing different influences together, which can be easily resume the sonic fusion between minimal- and experimental electro and industrial music. There’s a hostile sphere emerging from a few cuts while spooky, whispering voices are accentuating the mystery around this band and album. It’s not an easy thing to precisely define what this band is actually doing, but they clearly reveal to have a nose for intelligent music formats.

+ + + : I’ve been always fascinated by some minimalism in the composition. This approach has been mixed with haunting vocals and overwhelming, vibrating atmospheres. It’s not an easy job to define the real style of Helicoide, but in the end it’s easier to speak about a mixture of influences where electronics and bass guitar are coming together.

– – – : The recording and mixing could have been better –or more professional.

Conclusion: There are several great ideas running through this album, but Millions Of Dead Tourists has something unique and therefore fascinating.

Best songs: “Social Media As A Concentration Camp”.

Rate: (7).




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