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Movies With the Worst Endings

By Feb 5,2021

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Movies With the Worst Endings

Have you ever followed a movie all throughout only to be disappointed by the not-so-great ending? We, we know how that feels. There are some movie endings that do nothing but leave a bad taste in your mouth. 

You tend to wonder what the producers were thinking when they made an ending so horrible. Well, we have decided to come up with a small list of the movies with the worst endings. If you can avoid them, it would be really great. Or, you can simply spin your best australia online pokies as you watch them so that you are not as invested in them.

War of the Worlds 

This is a movie that was in 2005 and has found its way onto this list because of its terrible ending. In the movie, we get to follow a man and his daughter as they fight aliens that have destroyed the world. After doing all they can to survive, they eventually realize that the aliens are actually allergic to earth.

In fact, stepping out of their ship means dying for these creatures. And then you wonder why they were destroying the earth and why there was so commotion!


Somehow, most horror movies always have the weirdest endings and this movie is another one on this list. The movie was released in 2009 and features a shocking ending. In the movie, we get a chance to see a scientist creating a humanoid using her own DNA. Due to fascination, she, together with a male scientist, try to raise the creature.

Soon, the creature grows some sexual feelings and ends up sleeping with the male scientist before killing him. As the human-animal hybrid mutates, it switches sexes and ends up raping its creator. Finally, it’s killed, but soon, the scientist finds out that she is pregnant with the mutant’s child, which she decides to keep. Yeah, we know you are probably confused at this point.

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