Mount Shrine – Ghosts Of Broken Pavement (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Mar 12,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, cinematographic.

Background/Info: After last year’s debut album “Winter Restlessness” Brazilian artist Mount Shrine is back on track unleashing this new work, which has been introduced by the artist as ‘inspired by old jungle/hardcore tunes, pirate radios and ‘urban longing’, while shaping up the repetitive style of ambient drone’.

Content: The new tracks perfectly match with the content of the debut album. It’s a dark-cinematographic voyage made by extended, wafting sound waves and field recordings. The work reveals an intimate atmosphere, which is maybe more explicit ain this album. The last track entitled “Empty Slopes” is more elaborated accentuating the visual strength of the composition.

+ + + : I again can’t say Mount Shrine is taking me by surprise, but I like the intimate sensation created by the work. The composition has something relaxing and yet mysterious sometimes resulting in tormenting passages. “Empty Slopes” sounds as the ultimate piece from this work, but I also have to mention “Held Breeze”. Some of the field recordings don’t really miss their impact to reinforce the anguishing mood hanging over the work.

– – – : This album is pleasant and an easy listening cinematographic experience, but it doesn’t bring anything new. Some passages even are a little bit monotone. I begin to think there are maybe a bit too many similar projects signed to Cryo Chamber, but at the other hand this kind of music and influences also are the label’s trademarks.

Conclusion: “Ghosts Of Broken Pavement” appears to be a relaxing sonic walk throughout mysterious, imaginary stories.

Best songs: “Empty Slopes”, “Held Breeze”.

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