Desiderii Marginis – Deadbeat 2018 (CD Album – Cyclic Law)

By Mar 12,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Background/Info: This album from Johan Levin aka Desiderii Marginis was originally released on Cold Meat Industry in 2001 and featured 10 songs. It also became a work that increased the recognition of this dark-ambient composer from Sweden. Next to the recently released new opus “Vita Arkivet”, “Deadbeat 2018” will take us back in history. The work has been remastered and the CD format features 2 extra songs (that were already available on a digital re-release from 2014).

Content: When you listen to this album nearly 20 years after its original release you rapidly understand why Desiderii Marginis became a reference in the dark-ambient music genre. “Hardbeat” features all essential elements of great dark-ambient music; overwhelming, anguishing atmospheres, drones, industrial sound treatments, spooky-whispering vocal passages and obscure field recordings (or samplings).

+ + + : “Hardbeat” feels a bit like waiting in front of the gates of hell. It’s an anguishing sound experience tickling men’s fantasy to move throughout unknown fields. This is great sonic darkness composed with noticeable industrial sound treatments and ghost-like sound waves. The drones are injecting an extra scary touch. The album is also diversified featuring one great track after the other.

– – – : In my humble opinion, Desiderii Marginis never has been a stereotypical dark-ambient project. It always is a wider mix of influences and that’s why it sounds a bit unique.

Conclusion: There’s nothing wrong with re-releasing masterpieces! “Deadbeat 2018” still has its original magic!

Best songs: “Deadbeat I”, “A Bolt Out Of The Blues”, “In harm’s Way”, “Mantrap”, “Unlcean”.

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