KMFDM – In Dub (Album – Metropolis Records)

By Dec 2,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dub, Electro, Industrial.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: KMFDM is now active for 36 (!) years and have accomplished an overwhelming discography featuring numerous essential albums and different hits, which entered into history. “In Dub” will definitely surprise most of the fans although the album has been introduced as a get back to the roots and the influences of the band: Dub and Reggae! This album is a nice selection of KMFDM songs reworked into Dub versions.

Content: You’ll easily recognize the twelve original songs although the titles have been adapted, using the “Dub” term in every song title. It’s easy to recognize the lyrics, but the main difference is the Dub style; characterized by low, vibrating bass lines and slow cadence. It’s totally weird to hear this Dub explicit approach mixed with heavier and sometimes enraged guitar riffs and/or vocal lines. KMFDM remains industrial at least… and not totally when suddenly Andrew Lindsley starts rapping on “K.M.D. Dub”.

+ + + : I don’t know of many bands able to transpose their original songs into something completely different and yet recognizable. This album is pure Dub and not totally as the Industrial elements are still emerging now and then. This album is weird, definitely one of the band’s biggest challenges ever, but it will for sure catch the attention of music lovers who weren’t familiar with the real KMFDM. I’ve been always fond of deep bass lines and the sensual Dub cadence so this album gives me full satisfaction!

– – – : The least we can say is that this is not the ‘classical’ KMFDM! Some might say it’s a joke or they took too much dope… whatever, this is artistic freedom.

Conclusion: Definitely the most unexpected album fro

m this great band and yet I like it!

Best songs: “Bumaye Dub”, “K.M.F. Dub”, “Dub Light”, “Dub Uranus”.

Rate: (8).


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