Moonlight Meadow – Moonlight Meadow (Album – Wave Records)

By May 10,2020

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Genre/Influences:  Cold-wave, dark-wave, gothic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Moonlight Meadow is a Polish formation set up in 2015 and driven by the trio Maciej Mirońśki, Jakub Kozłowski and Damian Stec.  Their self-titled debut album was released in 2019 by Wave Records.

Content: The band clearly claims to be inspired by legendary cold/dark-wave icons such as Joy Division, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure Ao. It’s an aspect of their composition directly emerging at the surface. The guitar playing has something very dark and doomy, reminding me of The Sisters Of Mercy. “Dance” is a perfect exposure of this typical 80s dark taste of music. The entire work is supported with a haunting atmosphere, which even has something disturbing, which is accentuated by the production of the vocals, which has something cavernous-like.

+ + + : This is one more band emulating the spirit of the  dark/cold-wave music, but the least I can say is that Moonlight Meadow did it with conviction and talent. There are some great cuts featured on this work, but “Dance” appears to be the ultimate song. Sound-wise the album is carried by impressive guitar parts accentuating doom sphere of this opus. The cover of the album reflects the same, dark spirit.

– – – : Originality is far to find and there’ll be always only one Sisters Of Mercy; the real and unique band driven by Andrew Eldritch. But Moonlight Meadow sounds like an ode to their idols.

Conclusion: Moonlight Meadow is pure 80s nostalgia and their debut work is a great and promising exposure! This is a band to keep an eye on!

Best songs: “Dance”, “An Old Dream And Love”, “Empty Waters”, “Lost Dream”.

Rate: (8).


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