Lunaires – If All The Ice Melted (Album – Shades Of Sound Records)

By May 9,2020

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Genre/Influences: Wave-pop, trip-pop.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Lunaires is a project driven by Danilo Carnevale and Patrizia Tranchina. They both know each other from Jeunesse D’Ivoire and Other Side. They set up Lunaires in 2010 and released their debut full length in 2019 on Shades Of sound –which is a subdivision of the Brazilian label Wave Records.

Content: This album sounds like the fusion between different influences. There’s an explicit 80s touch reminding me of cold/new-wave music. Some of Patrizia’s vocal parts also remind me of Claudia Brücken  (Propaganda). But the sound moves further than only into nostalgia and reveals a modern trip-hop touch as well.  The atmosphere supporting the songs is an important aspect of the production for injecting a dark touch to the wafting songs.

+ + + : The music sounds dreamy-like and features a few elevating passages. The female grace of the vocals creates a perfect twist with the music. But I also enjoyed this album for its obscure touch supporting the songs. It has something mysterious, a bit paranoiac so the songs also have a visual appeal. “Mirror Trancefix” is the ultimate song illustrating the sound and style of Lunaires.

– – – : There are only 8 songs featured on this opus and that’s maybe a pity. I think Lunaires deals with a style of music, which is accessible although hard to label. So it has something of a challenge.  

Conclusion: Lunaires delivers an honest debut album although I can’t say it’s setting the world on fire.

Best songs: “Mirror Trancefix”, “Naked Indivisible”, “Unbound”.

Rate: (7)

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