Wintry – Timeline (Album – Wave Records / Young And Cold Records)

By May 10,2020

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Genre/Influences: Wave-pop, goth-pop.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Wintry resulted from the collaborative efforts between German singer Anne Goldacker (ex-Obsyre) and Brazilian musician and label Wave Records label owner Alex Twin (3 Cold Men, Individual Industry). They released a debut album “Atmosphere Around Us” in 2009 and struck back in 2017 with the single “Ausweg”. “Timeline” has been released as a collaboration between Wave Records and Young And Cold Records, but also got released in the US by Cleopatra Records. Notice by the way the digital and CD edits are featuring four bonus songs.  

Content: Wintry is a project that clearly sounds devoted to the 80s new/cold-wave spirit. The songs remind me of X Mal Deutschland –also because of Anne Goldacker’s timbre of voice, but also to Bauhaus for some of the guitar parts. Most of the songs are sung in German, but you’ll also discover two English sung cuts. The album opens with the single title song “Ausweg” while the last song is the single’s B-side “Auch Ohne Dich”.

The bonus cuts feature two remixes by Marcelo Gallo (who produced the album and who was previously involved with Pitch Yarn Of Matter) and 2 other ones by Pieter Nooten (Clan Of Xymox).

+ + + : If you’re nostalgic of the 4AD golden years, Wintry will sound as a relief. There’s a similar spirit in the writing, mixing dark 80s atmospheres mainly accentuated by the guitar playing and refined with electronic arrangements. I like some of the electronic parts for their minimalism. The global production stands for delicacy and dark, evasive songs. Anne Goldacker is a truly talented singer who put her stamp on this work. Last, but not least I also have to recommend the album for its artistic artwork –at least for the CD format!

– – – : The album is fully entertaining, but I’m missing this kind of hit to speak about a total successful release.

Conclusion: Wintry evokes some real good souvenirs, getting me back to some legendary 4AD bands such as X Mal Deutschland, Cocteau Twins, Bauhaus… while the contribution of Clan Of Xymox member Pieter Nooten is also a wink. 

Best songs: “Dependence”, “Sehnsucht”, “Ausweg”, “Schmerz – Remix by Marcelo Gallo”, “Sehnsucht –  Remix by Pieter Nooten”.

Rate: (7½).


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