Moloch Conspiracy – Incantations From Ugarit (Album – Eighth Tower Records)

By Jul 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, ritual.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: French artist Julien A. Lacroix strikes back with his third full length opus released by Eight Tower Records. “Incantations From Ugarit” is a conceptual work inspired by different collections of liturgical and religious texts found in the ruins of the city of Ugarit (Syria).

Content: The main essence of this work is clearly driven by dark-ambient elements, but the theme of the work might explain some ritual atmosphere hanging over the tracks. I’m referring to multiple sounds of bells and carrions. The tracks have been progressively built up, but always carried by a hostile atmosphere. Some bleeps are now and then joining. A few tracks are featuring spooky-like spoken voices and other mysterious, haunting chants.

+ + + : The sonic universe emerging from this album is pretty ominous, but that’s exactly what dark-ambient music has to reflect don’t you think?! Behind this particular obscure sound universe I also like the somewhat inhibited and intimate approach of the work. The tracks have been accomplished by delicate treatments accentuating this sensation. “Daughter Of Anu” is a remarkable cut in the genre, but I can also mention “The Head Of The Cauldron” for its ritual sphere.

– – – : Globally speaking, I enjoyed this album very much, but I was desperately waiting for a real apotheosis. I’m missing a kind of outburst, the tracks remaining rather ‘controlled’.

Conclusion: If you like dark productions with a real tormenting atmosphere, this new Moloch Conspiracy work is definitely one you have to taste!

Best songs: “Daughter Of Anu”, “The Head Of The Cauldron”, “The Familiar Weapons”.

Rate: (7½).




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