Moloch Conspiracy – The Inner Fear (Album – Distorted Void)

By May 4,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: The French project Moloch Conspiracy has been prolific last year, releasing two albums. I already discovered the excellent “Incantations From Ugarit” released by the Italian Eight Tower Records, but they also released this other album “The Inner Fear” on Distorted Void.

Content: Moloch Conspiracy remains driven by Dark-Ambient sound formulas, exorcising a lost world. The tracks have been progressively built up, creating osmosis between field recordings, electronic manipulations and the play of real instruments. Humming voices and other vocals’ effects can be heard now and then, often accentuating the mysterious sonic flow we’re going through. I experienced this album as less Ritual than “Incantations From Ugarit” although there’s a Ritual touch hanging over the work.

+ + + : I like the global sphere supporting the album; it has something ominous and desperate. The album’s main strength however is the true sonic arsenal used to compose the tracks. The addition and play of real instruments is an absolute bonus, injecting authenticity to the work. It creates emotions and I’m still convinced music and arts generally speaking stand for emotion! It also creates a visual appeal, which is a nice, little bonus when listening to this kind of music. The use of vocals and chants also is a little extra.

– – – : I’m missing the Ritual touch, but it also reveals this project is not repeating itself. There’s maybe not a true apotheosis although it’s an efficient work.

Conclusion: Dark music for dark times; Moloch Conspiracy is an efficient ambassador in its genre.

Best songs: “Vertical Horizon Of Darkness”, “Current Disturbance”.

Rate: (7).




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