Sonologyst – Unexplained Sounds (Album – Unexplained Sounds Group)

By Jul 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, soundscape.

Format: Digital, CD, Cassette.

Background/Info: “Unexplained Sounds” is an essential work in the discography of Sonologyst. Raffaele Pezzella originally released the album in 2014, the title of the album becoming the name of the label set up by the artist. Later on the album has been re-released on cassette format and now gets a new edit on CD featuring two extra songs.

Content: It’s very important to know the concept of the work, which is indicated by the title. This album appears to be a kind of sonic documentary featuring ‘unexplained sounds’; noises we all can notice when simply listening to the sky, or the depths etc. The work therefore reveals numerous field recordings featuring samplings from the NASA archive.

This is not about music and songs properly speaking, but a collection of noises, which sometimes create a certain atmosphere.

+ + + : More than ever, Sonologyst reveals its truly face at this work. This is an album getting us back to early experiments in music and I especially recommend this work for fans of the defunct Staalplaat and Dorobo labels. If you remember the work of Alan Lamb, Randy Greif, Roel Meelkop ao you for sure gone like this work. It’s a documentary, an assembly of noises creating an obscure soundscape which especially emerges at “Unknown Sound In Finland” and “Andromeda”.

– – – : This work is totally experimental and definitely suited for a very restricted number of fine tasters.

Conclusion: We sometimes forget there are so many genres and sub-genres in music. Sonologyst is hard to label as one particular music style –except experimental or avant-garde, but that’s probably also a style or at least a different approach in dealing with music.

Best songs: “Unknown Sound In Finland”, “Andromeda”.

Rate: (7).





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