Modulo One releases ‘No Way to Win’ single w/remixes from Kant Kino, Substaat and Subsquare

By Sep 1,2020

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Modulo One - No way to win

(By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange / Modulo One press release)

Norwegian dark electro band Modulo One released their new dark electro single ‘No Way to Win’ on September 1st. Modulo One is a dark electro band from Oslo, Norway, started by Anders Schau Knatten in 2016, with keyboard player and long time DJ collaborator Tom André Solli.

The single includes remixes from Kant Kino, Substaat and Subsquare.
“I’m so happy with the remixes on this one!”, producer and front man Anders says.
“Oftentimes, remixes sound quite similar to the original, maybe with a different baseline or some extra synths. These remixers really went out of their way to make something completely new and unique. Subsquare even added a rap!”

Having ditched albums, Modulo One instead releases singles every second month. And why did they decide to release singles instead of albums?

“These days we believe people mostly consume music on streaming services like Spotify, on podcasts etc. Listening to an entire album from start to finish is not that common anymore. By periodically releasing singles instead of being silent for three years and then dropping an album, fans get a steady stream of new music. It’s also much more fun for us to release music when it’s done and we’re still excited about it, rather than keeping it in the drawer for years. Oh, and no need/excuses to make album fillers! Every song has to be worth it on its own.”

“Next up is the single “Redemption”, out in November 1st, with a banger of a remix from Faderhead. Kant Kino is hard at work both on a new single and an EP, and Substaat have several projects coming up. Also check out their recently released version of ‘Captivate’!” (as mentioned in ‘Der Eiesenberg Sampler‘ article)

Listen to/buy the single on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud!


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