Mnemonic – Mnemonik (Album – Hymen Records / Halbsicht Records)

By Jun 14,2021

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-Electro, IDM, Experimental.

Format: Digital, Cassette.

Background/Info: Michael Belletz is back on track with his Mnemonic project, unleashing the twelfth album to date. “Mnemonik” comes three years after the outstanding “Aversionen”-album.

Content: The global sound approach and production of this new opus sound pretty similar to the previous work. It’s a continuation of Minimal-Electronics inspired by retro Electro composed by analogue equipment. The production is somewhat raw and accomplished with subtle, icy bleeps. The songs are instrumentals, but are now and then mixed with spoken samplings. The cadence is slow, often driven by broken rhythms sometimes creating a sensual effect.

+ + + : Mnemonic remains warrant for intelligent Electro. It’s a pity this kind of production only appeals to a very restricted number of people. I guess it has nothing to do with elitism, but simply about people following trends and idolizing leading bands. They became deaf to other formats and artists like Mnemonic, striving for innovation and working with a true spirit of creation and innovation. This new work is once again meticulously constructed and accomplished with great retro elements like the string parts. I like the intriguing sphere hanging over the work while some icy tones and sequences have this chilling sensation.

– – – : “Mnemonik” is an album, which needs a few listening before you totally catch its essence and splendor. But each new listening also brings new surprises and discoveries.

Conclusion: Mnemonic remains a project I highly respect and appreciate for its visionary work.

Best songs: “Kognition”, “Separat”, “Verdikt”, “Elegie”, “Kontemplation”.

Rate: (8½).


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