Mnemonic – Aversionen (CD Album – Hymen Records)

By Jun 9,2018

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Genre/Influences: IDM, minimal-electronics.

Background/Info: Set up in 1997 Mnemonic went through several periods. I remember the early demo-work of the band, which was more into sophisticated EBM, but quite rapidly the German duo evolved towards a minimal- and more experimental sound. They released productions on different labels (Alfa Matrix, M-Tronic, Halbsicht Records) and finally signed to Hymen Records for the 11th album in the band history. Michael Belletz goes back to the roots on “Aversionen”.

Content: “Aversionen” is a fascinating opus, reflecting the sound intelligence and minimalism Mnemonic has always shown. It’s pure vintage electronics, which sometimes feels as an ode to electronic pioneers. The work remains instrumental, which is quite classical for this band. You now and then get some spoken samplings instead.

The old-school electronic music might appeal to fans of Kraftwerk, early Front 242 (“Geography”-album), Jean-Michel Jarre and co. It’s an intelligent writing revealing dry snares, fine bleeps, impressive analogue sound treatments and alluring bass lines.

+ + + : Mnemonic is not reinventing electronic music, but I like this album for its modernized vintage approach. It’s a styled and deeply artistic creation revealing a high tech production. But “Aversionen” also reveals –or confirms, the impressive writing skills of Michael Belletz. This musician became an experienced and visionary sound architect.

– – – : This is a masterpiece so there are no real minus points to mention.

Conclusion: After all these years of involvement Mnemonic has found a new and appropriated label to release its sophisticated music, which can be considered as a truly sonic masterpiece.

Best songs: “Scheelsucht”, “Affektation”, “Rivale”, “Intrigant”, “Aversionen”.

Rate: (8½).

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