Mimetic – RVSTD1:1998-2019 (Digital Album – Les Arts Minis)

By Nov 14,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, industrial-techno, IDM.

Background/Info: Operating from Geneva (Switzerland) Jérome Soudan will always be remembered as one of the members (drummer) active in Von Magnet. Later on he became involved with different projects while gaining recognition as the instigator of Mimetic. This album is a fine selection of 21 songs he wrote over the past 21 years.

Content: 21 songs for a  21 career! Mimetic rapidly became a kind of visionary artist who was mixing industrial-, tribal- and experimental music with his growing interest in techno music. This overview is an opportunity to get back to some of his finest compositions. The sound intelligence mixed with danceable rhythms brings Mimetic to restricted area of renowned IDM artists. From pure industrial sound treatments to alluring, but minimal EBM to experimental passages to pure techno this work is a fine selection of Mimetic’s work. Notice one of the songs (cf. “Dust Reality”) is a song by Spies that has been remixed by Mimetic.

+ + + : I’ve always considered Jérome Soudan as visionary artist who dare to break the codes. He has been one of the firsts to experiment with techno music merged with darker styles such as industrial- and tribal music. This work is an interesting summary of the man’s genius. From the pure minimal- and 80s like “The Ethnical Years (Live)” to IDM driven “The Half Way” to the dark and definitely underground sounding “Blast Off” to the ultra-technoid “Deepfakes” (2019) this work also reveals Mimetic’s great eclecticism. I like this work for its minimalism, the sound treatments featuring alluring bass lines and the danceable vibes.

– – – : I think it’s rather normal when listening to a song featuring 21 songs some pieces are less convincing. “Sparking Love” (2019) is the only song I would not have selected for this work.

Conclusion: If you’re not familiar with Mimetic this album is a great way to discover a unique artist! I think it could be time to release a new full length…

Best songs: “The Ethnical Years (Live)”, “The Half Way”, “Blast Off”, “Deepfakes”, “Maidenhead”, “Gone”, “Autre Vision”.

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