Jonteknik – Tectonics (CD Album – The People’s Electric)

By Nov 14,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: Based in Brighton (UK) Jon Russell better known as Jonteknik, has just released his ninth full length album. It’s a conceptual album, inspired by the artist’s fascination ‘by the connection between humans and nature’. “Tectonics” has been released on Russell’s own label and is also available on vinyl format and as a very limited cassette edition.

Content: If you’re familiar with the music universe of Jonteknik you won’t be surprised to discover that his electro-pop music will remind you of Kraftwerk, and also of the ‘Amiga-pop’ of Welle:Erdball. Some songs are coming pretty close to the aforementioned bands, but when considering this musician is already active for nearly 30 years it becomes obvious his music is not a copy. The work reflects an intelligent pop format, which has something ‘robotic’, space-like and definitely minimal. 

+ + + : The link with the original electro-pop from the 80s has something authentic and that’s for sure because of Russell’s fascination with analogue gear. It brings good-old memories to life, but also adds something refreshing. The sound treatments are pure magic –especially when clearly evoking Kraftwerk songs. The songwriting is well-crafted while revealing cool melody lines and great effects.

– – – : The only single element that in my opinion could be improved is the production of the vocals. I think there can be a bit more ‘passion’ or ‘conviction’ in the vocals.

Conclusion: “Tectonics” is an album I fully recommend for the lovers of what I commonly call ‘Kraftwerk-pop’, but I’m still convinced there’s more in this project than what comes out! So the best is yet to some…

Best songs: “Mount Etna”, “Tectonics”, “Mount Fuji”, “Silfra”.

Rate: (7).

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