Miki Bernath and Damolh33 – Flat/Surfaces (Cassette Album – 4mg Records)

By Jun 27,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, experimental, IDM.

Background/Info: Miki and Gabriel Bernath both are Slovakian producers. Miki Bernath got some recognition as Imiafan. Both artists have accomplished this work featuring 6 cuts plus 2 bonus tracks for the digital format. The cassette is limited to 70 copies!

+ + + : This is an interesting trip through electro-ambient compositions with astral sound treatments. A few spoken samplings can be heard. The tracks are progressively revealing slow and broken beats, dark bleeping sequences and especially a minimal approach that comes mainly through at both bonus cuts.

– – – : Nevertheless the experimental influences of this record, “Flat/Surfaces” also reveals a great sonic intelligence. It’s a sophisticated- although accessible work with some cool space-like atmospheres recovering most of the songs. The slow cadence gets the music even more accessible. Both bonus tracks are my absolute favorites so you definitely have a good reason to discover the digital version while the cassette release is a nice collector’s item.

Conclusion: Miki Bernath and Damolh33 have achieved a work with a great electronic intelligence. It’s just a pity ‘intelligent’ music remains often praised by a restricted number of music lovers. Well, I can say they won’t be disappointed discovering “Flat/Surfaces”.

Best songs: “Flat Surfaces”, “Press Gives”, “Search”, “Life Goes”.

Rate: (7½).



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