Metroland present double single ‘Under The Roof’ on the day of the ‘Things Will Never Sound The Same Again’ album release

By Feb 17,2016

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Metroland present double single'Under The Roof' on the day of the'Things Will Never Sound The Same Again' album release

Yesterday, on the anniversary date of their deceased band member Passenger L, the Belgian electropop/kraftwerkian act Metroland released their tribute album “Things Will Never Sound The Same Again”, a tailor made production for the late Passenger L (Louis Zachert). But they also released a double download single (“Under The Roof“/”Under The Roof (Remixes)“) which are available on Bandcamp.

“Under The Roof” is the band’s sole single from their new album and as a title aptly chosen, because it is a wink to the name of Louis’ mastering studio. It was a place where all Metroland members spent a huge amount of time, recording a variety of music.

For the alternative “remixes” version of this single, the band turned to artists who were closely working with Louis. As a result you can hear Johan Breton giving the track a minimal tech house touch while Franky Deblomme, for whom Louis mastered several Darkmen releases, gives “Good Moaning” an extra punch. The 3rd remix is the one of “Music/Machine” by Musicocoon, the very last production Louis and his Musicocoon partner, Philippe Malemprée, had been working on.

A perfect salute to what was one hell of a sweet guy, with no attitude whatsoever, a rarity in today’s music scene.

You can listen to the band’s recent album below:



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