Love In Cage – Mirage Post-Horizon (Vinyl Album – Trinity/Meidosem Records/Imperial Bedroom Rds)

By Dec 12,2015

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Genre/Influences: New-wave, cold-wave.

Love In CageContent: Love In Cage is a French trio hailing from Rouen, which released a debut album “Position” back in 2011. They now signed to Trinity/Meidosem Records, which clearly is the appropriated label for their sound.

Love In Cage perfectly mixes guitar and electronics, which directly evoke the good-old new-wave decade. This is a pure old-school minded band, bringing souvenirs back to life. One of their main strengths probably hides in some of the choruses. You here can sing along with the band and I like this magic fusion between a band and the listener. It works well at the opening song “Christopher”. A few songs feature female backing vocals adding an extra volume to the work. The songs are sung in French and English.

There’re multiple noticeable tracks. Next to the aforementioned “Christopher” I also have to mention “Boy Next Door” for its great guitar playing and “Cut Up”, which evokes some New Order reminiscences for the electro sequences.

I also like the pure old-school “Automne Monotone” for its cool electronic effects, but the absolute attention grabber is “Short Film Camera”. This is a brilliant composition, which once more doesn’t bring any new element to this music genre, but it simply is a well-crafted piece of music. I like this cold and somewhat sterile mood emerging from the song while the male vocals and female backings create a delicious fusion.

Conclusion: Love In Cage is a band you really have to discover. This band is bringing new-wave music back to life in a fascinating way.

Best songs: “Short Film Camera”, “Cut Up”, “Boy Next Door”, “Christopher”.

Rate: (Elise Din:8)Elise Din.


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