Lights A.M – Stories Without Words (Album – Alfa Matrix)

By Mar 26,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Ambient, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Lights After Midnight (Lights A.M) previously released a few EP’s and strikes back with its debut full-length. This Norwegian solo-project is driven by Erlend Eilertsen of Essence Of Mind and is clearly inspired by early Electro-Ambient music.

Content: “Stories Without Words” is an invitation to imagine little stories created by music. The work sounds in the prolongation of previous EP’s, clearly getting back to the early days of Electronic music. It brings us back to the magic and reverie of Jean-Michel Jarre with melody lines colored by OMD. This is space music driven by slow rhythms.

+ + + : Lights A.M remains one of the most unusual projects signed to Alfa Matrix. This album is entertaining, but especially has a poignant, relaxing effect. The songs are well-crafted and particularly the melody lines have a somewhat elevating effect. There’s an evolution in sound resulting in a few brilliant songs like “When The Tide Turns” and “Agnes”. This is a beautiful work for a Cinematographic goal.

– – – : The single, but main point that hurts is the similar approach of all songs. You rather get the feeling listening to one endless song than hearing 10 separated cuts. If I get back to the concept of the work, it all feels like Lights A.M is telling us the same story again and again.

Conclusion: “Stories Without Words” is the best production I’ve heard from Lights A.M, but the main difference with all pioneers in this genre, is that we here get less magic!

Best songs: “When The Tide Turns”, “Agnes”.

Rate: (7).

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