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Latin American Movies

By Nov 14,2018

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Movies are the world’s favorite way of telling stories. Even Google now prioritizes video content over written material. This is because people prefer to watch than to read. Although the radio has been very instrumental in telling stories it has been effectively over-taken by the television. In the American continent there are two basic types of films produced.

Those produced in North America comprising of Canada and the United States of America and those from Latin-America. As you can guess the cultural differences mean that the content of the movies is different. There are other differences that are evident between the two regions.

Differences between Latin-American Movies And North American Movies

As previously mentioned there are several differences in movies from the North and the South. Below are a few of the differences between the movies.

1. Potential audience. Even though there are many people playing real money online casino games at sites like kingjohnnie online casino in the world, movies still have a larger audience. In North America there is a larger audience for movies in English. There are also people that enjoy Latin-American movies but worldwide they are less.

2. The language. Movies made in the Northern part of the continent are in English. However those from the Southern half are in Spanish. This is not to mean that there are no movies that are from either region which are in the others more common language. Some of the movies from Canada are in French. Thanks to subtitles this is no longer an issue.

3. The money. American movie makers are have more money at their disposal. This can be due to the larger audience. And also the disposal income in the North States is more therefore there are more movie sales. Sometimes the movie makers incorporate internet casinos. Casino Royal, Ocean’s Eleven, The Cooler, 21, as well as Hard Eight are some of the top casino films listed by IMDb.

4. Stories being told are very different. Not the theme or genre but the actual story. The different cultures mean that the things that film makers want to talk about are very different. Therefore the stories being told in the movies cannot be the same.


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