Last Dominion Lost – Abomination Of Desolation (CD Album – The Epicurean)

By May 25,2018

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, experimental.

Background/Info: We here welcome new work by the legendary Last Dominion Lost. The project is now driven by core members Jon Evans, John Murphy (SPK, Death In June…) and Julian Percy (Helaas) and on this album assisted by numerous guest artists/singers.

Content: Since Last Dominion Lost has been reactivated a few years ago now, this collective can’t really get away from their early industrial influences. “Abomination Of Desolation” is an industrial release with numerous experimental passages and especially sound treatments. The decomposition and recomposition of sounds and noises both seem to be more important than getting a real structure of songs. But can we speak about ‘songs’ properly? This is the work of sonic architects although taking care to create dark atmospheres joined by hard screams while they’re not using spoken samplings.

+ + + : The industrial aspect of the work is quite present and easy recognizable throughout the numerous percussion parts and heavy crashes. The dark and tormented atmosphere supporting the tracks creates an uncomfortable sensation. The numerous effects and studio tricks are one of the main characteristics this work has been made by. This is the kind of music that can become tormenting when you’re a newbie. The digipak format of the album is a nice, little extra.

– – – : The experimental approach and constant sound manipulations a true reflection of sound writing, but here again I think it’s not the main aim of this obscure collective. This is the kind of opus reminding me of some ‘anti-music’ approach of early 80s industrial pioneers.

Conclusion: There are two different ways to discover this work: you don’t like industrial- and related music genres and you’ll experience this work as pure mind torture or you’re a trained and experienced industrial music lover and you’ll feel some nostalgia getting you back to the early hours of industrial- and experimental music.

Best songs: “Devil’s Park”, “Beyond The Valley Of The Flies”, “Overture To Desolation”.

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