Knights – Knights (CD EP – Knights)

By Feb 8,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: British electro-pop formation Knights is a new band, which has self-released this 4-track EP.

Content: From the very first notes and arrangements you directly recognize a kind of 80s electro-pop devotion. It’s the kind of electro-pop and new-wave sound reminding me of legendary bands like Duran Duran, Alpha Ville and even Sandra. It sounds like happy-pop music carried by alluring choruses and cool sound effects.

You’ll also recognize the typical, deep resonating bass lines and even some saxophone parts, which was typical during the 80s period. The songs have been empowered by guitar, but it first of all remains pretty pop-like.

+ + + : Knights brings us back to some sexy, 80s pop standards. The songs are well-crafted and feature strong choruses. I also noticed a few disco-like effects (especially on “Miami Knights”), which make the song more party-like and especially driven by a happy spirit. I also enjoyed this EP because it features 4 different songs, which was quite typical for 80s releases and definitely more original and creative than EPs with hundreds of remixes.

– – – : I’m just missing that little, but so important detail that made aforementioned bands like Duran Duran, Alpha Ville and co so famous. I’m referring to a melody line and/of some vocals during a chorus you easily keep in mind and spontaneously start to sing all day long.

Conclusion: Knights is a refreshing formation dealing with a retro-inspired electro-pop style. It evokes some good-old souvenirs and sounds pretty ‘sexy’.

Best songs: “Miami Knights”, “What’s Your Poison?”.

Rate: (7).

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