Cemetery Sex Fairies – The Liquid Source Of Joy & Horror (CD – Indie God Records)

By Jul 21,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-wave, wave-pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Cemeteries Sex Fairies is a German trio featuring a male composer and two female vocalists. The debut album features eight songs and has been released on a small German label.

Content: I never heard of the band before. The band name sounds a bit gothic-like, but the music is driven by electronics. The influences are somewhat 80s like and electro-pop driven. I also noticed one song (cf. “Shot”), which has something trip-pop like. Minimal sequences and dynamic rhythms are sometimes supported with a taste of melancholia. The vocals have been sung in German- and English.

+ + + : What I like with this band is the personal style. It clearly sounds electro-pop like, but Cemetery Sex Fairies doesn’t sound like the average band in the genre. They’re mixing several influences together, which creates this own approach. I like the minimalism running through a few cuts –“Tanz Allein” being a cool track in the genre, but my favorite cut is for sure the previously mentioned “Shot”. This song has something refreshing, totally accomplished and revealing heavenly vocals. Both vocalists inject some diversity to the album.

– – – : Melancholia and electro-pop music often are complementary, but it’s not the main strength of this work.

Conclusion: I’m not saying that this debut work will set the world alight, but it’s an interesting album revealing certain potential.

Best songs: “Shot”, “Red Game”, “Fremde Frau”.

Rate: (7).




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