Juan Antonio Nieto & Javier Piñango – Two Unfocused Cardinal Points (CD Album – Marbre Negre)

By Apr 3,2017

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Genre/Influences: Soundscape, dark-ambient.

Background/Info: This album resulted from the common efforts of 2 Spanish artists, mainly active in the dark realms of ambient and experimental music. The album features 6 tracks and has been strictly limited to 100 copies.

Content: The work takes off with a total sound experiment mixing noise and dark-ambient music together. Quite progressively the listener will join a soundscape approach composed with multiple noises and poignant, cold atmospheres. This is a kind of wet cellar music forcing your mind to face the most perverted and cruel fantasies. The boiling soup of noises creates a real uncomfortable sensation accentuating your darkest fantasies.

+ + + : This is another production from the Marbre Negre roster which will make you totally paranoid. You’ll get the impression that danger is everywhere. That’s precisely the kind of sensation you like to feel when listening to dark-ambient music and related genres. The sound treatments and oppressive atmospheres supporting this opus have been meticulously conceived. It sounds complex and revealing a great print of noises. The last cuts are the most noticeable.

– – – : “Two Unfocused Cardinal Points” is what I should call a ‘difficult’ album. It’s not an easy listening experience, but an album you have to get prepared to listen to. You need the right atmosphere to fully enjoy the obscure force hiding inside this album. It makes the album hardly accessible and not intend to a wider audience.

Conclusion: Juan Antonio Nieto & Javier Piñango both feel like disciples of the evil! Their album is a successful, but disturbing exposure of evil art!

Best songs: “On sorrow Fathered”, “Moments In never”, “From a Bitter Sky”.

Rate: (7½).

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