Industrial-electronic project Chiasm releases ‘Away EP’ featuring John Fryer through COP International label

By Jun 8,2020

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Industrial-electronic project Chiasm releases'Away EP' featuring John Fryer through COP International label

(Photo courtesy of Chiasm) Chiasm has announced a brand new EP: “Away”. Released via the COP International label it’s a teaser for the upcmong full-length album “Missed The Noise”. For those who don’t know the project, Chiasm is Emileigh Rohn’s musical output augmented here by collaborator John Fryer (Black Needle Noise).

Here’s what Detroit-based musician says about her collaboration with Jon Fryer: “The COP team, along with John Fryer, really knew what I needed. It was absolutely a new adventure. This EP is much more accessible than previous works because we made it so quickly (John moves fast!) so there wasn’t a lot of room for total introspection and intense analysis, which is unusual for me. John makes everything sound beautiful, and I’m so eager for everyone to hear it,” says Rohn. “I also need to acknowledge my home team, including the cats, for the inspiration and encouragement.”

The “Away” EP follows a long line of notable releases from Chiasm which was established in 1997. Older readers will for sure remember the 2001 album “Disorder” with the track “Isolated” that was featured in the television show “NCIS” as well as in the “Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines” computer game. Rohn has also collaborated with genre stars Attrition, Carphax Files, Jean-Marc Lederman, Third Realm, :10:, and Acclimate.

Here’s a preview:


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