Heligoland – This Quiet Fire (Album – Editions Furioso)

By May 24,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dream-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Heligoland went through numerous line-up changes, but core members Karen Vogt and Steve Wheeler remain the single members on board. Based in France, the Australian band now  released their first new album since 2011. They released some EP’s in the meantime while Karen Vogt also released EP’s under her own name. The album was produced by Robin Guthrie.

Content: “This Quiet Fire” can be only, but defined as the purest form of Dream-Pop. The songs are carried by Karen Vogt’s sensual and sweet timbre of voice. She sometimes reminds me of Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl). The vocals are an essential aspect of the production, but the music remains the core of the album. The dreamy and elevating guitar play plus the slow rhythm both are in perfect harmony with the vocals, creating a delicious, dreamy sensation. One of the songs features guest musician Jolanda Moletta (She Owl) playing piano.

+ + + : This album is touched by graceful songwriting, which is reinforced by the talent and sensuality of Karen Vogt’s vocals. It creates an intimate mood reinforced by delicate sound arrangements like the piano playing on “Trinity”. There’s something to say about most songs, but “Always” is for sure my favorite one. This is just a beautiful and sensitive composition on, which the guitar creates an elevating effect. “Hope” sounds a bit similar, but I also have to mention the sugar sweet “Hera”. “This Quiet Fire” makes me think of a beautiful sonic poem where the simple power of words and notes can deeply touch you.

– – – : All songs sounds pretty similar, but it’s not exactly a minus point when an album sounds good and right.

Conclusion: “This Quiet Fire” is an album that touches you deep inside. It’s a great, contemporary ambassador of the Dream-Pop genre.

Best songs: “Always”, “Hera”, “Palomino”, “Running”, “Hope”.

Rate: (8).

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