Karen Vogt – I Just Want To Feel (EP – Coriolis Sounds)

By Feb 12,2021

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, Abstract.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Karen Vogt is an Australian female artist living in Paris (France). I discovered her as the singer of the Dream-Pop formation Heligoland and later on with the EP “Before We Rise” she composed together with Bückle. She now strikes back with a new EP featuring four songs and featuring different ‘vocalists’.

Content: This work is a conceptual production, which is focused around the title of the EP. Karen Vogt asked for people from all over the world to record their voice. She selected 50 vocalists whispering the same sentence. She next started to experiment with these voices, creating a total Abstract style. The voices are accompanied by few sonorities, which sometimes remind me of field recordings.

+ + + : The artwork of the CD is absolutely great. That’s precisely the kind of digipak you want to buy because it looks great. Sound-wise this work is Experimental and could be interesting when used for a live performance like dance or theatre. It all sounds like a challenge, the vocals having however something intriguing… fragile, passionate, anguishing, spooky; you name it!

– – – : This EP will appeal for a very restricted number of music lovers, those interested in total Experimentalism; a kind of free-expression without borders or limits. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the kind of work you can listen to sitting in a lazy chair and simply enjoying the sound. I’m missing a visual performance like theatre, dance, film… although I’ve to say there’re a few illustrations inside the digipak.   

Conclusion: Karen Vogt has probably released her most Experimental work; hard to define and hard to catch!

Best songs: “I Want To Feel – Voices Four”.

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