Heligoland – Coriallo (CD EP – Commission 45 / Soleil Après Minuit)

By Jun 30,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dream-pop, cinematographic.

Background/Info: Hailing from Melbourne (Australia) and now based in Paris (France) Heligoland has released 3 albums and a few more EP’s. “Coriallo” is their newest exposure revealing 5 new songs.

Content: “Coriallo” sounds pure dream-pop like. The songs are carried by the beautiful and sensual vocals of Karen Vogt. This new EP is the final one in a series of EP’s composed in different locations from the French countryside. The work was produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and that’s an aspect that comes through in different songs. “Coriallo” makes me think to the offspring between Delerium (for the vocals) and Cocteau twins for the dark dream-pop touch. The 3 last songs stand for artistic beauty and grace.

+ + + : “Coriallo” is much more than simply dream-pop music. It sounds as a caress and a blessing for music lovers in search of beauty and prosperity. The sensual and warm timbre of voice from their vocalist brings the songs into an extra dimension. It a great exposure of sweet melancholia and reverie.

– – – : Both debut cuts are a little hesitant, but quite rapidly it appears they’re nothing more than appetizers for the great cuts coming next.

Conclusion: “Coriallo” is a beautiful piece of music and the only thing I can wish after having heard this new EP is to get a new album as soon as possible.

Best songs: “Anavo – Single”, “Three”, “Trust”.

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